Please phone for a 30 minutes Initial Obligation Free Discussion

We welcome the opportunity to have an obligation free chat or coffee catch up (if feasible) to discuss how we might help you better manage your debtors.

Simply call Tony at Red Rabbit Credit on 0404 648 220.

Desktop Health Check:

(fee applies)

Following our obligation free chat and your decision to proceed with Red Rabbit, we undertake a Desktop Health Check, where we conduct a thorough evaluation of your debtors, often the major cause of cash stress in a business, and provide you with the following:

A written summary, outlining the key findings from our desktop evaluation of your debtors

The report will provide short, medium and longer term recommendations of suggested improvements in managing your debtors, generating increased levels of CASH

The opportunity to discuss our findings in person (if feasible) or via video conference with the view of establishing action plans

Strategic Partnering:

Following completion of the Health Check, and your wish to move to the next stage, in consultation with your team we work together to implement key strategies and processes that will drive permanent change to deliver the predicted levels of increased CASH.

Credit Staff Mentoring:

Red Rabbit Credit provide mentoring / training support to assist those businesses seeking a permanent, lasting approach to more effectively managing debtors.

Why Are We so Confident of Success?

Simply, because we have the proven experience and know-how gained over many years of successfully maximising CASH and Balance Sheet working capital.

The numbers are compelling:

If we can help a business partner by stopping just one bad debt loss of (say) $50,000 where the business has (say) a 5% net margin, then this is equivalent to saving your Sales team from having to find $1,000,000 of new business, just to replace the $50,000 that has been declared a bad debt.

What resources would you allocate to generate $1,000,000 in sales?

If we are able to help in this way, and also generate cash earlier in the order to cash cycle (O2C) by leveraging our expertise, then Red Rabbit has met its vision to make a positive difference.