Best of Breed Debtor Managers

A Partner You Can Trust to Work With You

Red Rabbit is a vibrant company, established with a simple vision – make a positive & lasting difference to improve business partner debtor management.

Whilst our firm is young, our experience is long, distinguished and successful.

What we deliver is specialised ‘know-how’ in managing debtors, leading to significant and lasting cash flow benefits.

Improvements are measureable and visible to our business partners.


Red Rabbit Credit IS NOT a debt collection agency.

Debt collection agencies invariably operate on a commission only basis where a debt becomes so delinquent that it needs to be passed to an external agency for collection.

By passing a debt to an external agency, the partner’s business relationship with their customer has effectively ended as they have outsourced responsibility for negotiating collection of payment to an external third-party.

Whilst we have relationships with debt collection agencies and understand their role this is not us. Our strength, expertise and niche is to focus on business partnering with clients to efficiently manage their debtors so (ideally) overdue debts never need to be referred to an external debt collection agency.